The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless is the countywide nonprofit coalition of service providers, advocates, religious congregations, civic organizations, businesses, and individuals working to end homelessness and to assist people who have lost their homes.

The Task Force is a leadership resource, providing a forum for the participation of the whole community in ending homelessness.

To reach the Cold Weather Response Line, call 1-855-707-HOST (4678) 8 am to
5 pm Mon-Fri
. Helps unsheltered people seeking relief from extreme weather (temperatures below 38 degrees, heavy rain, rain/sleet or severe wind). Se habla español.


WFM Logo 2016  The Task Force is proud to have been chosen as a recipient of Nickels for Nonprofits at all 5 Whole Foods stores from April 11th-July 3rd. Stock up and join us in making this fundraiser a great success! When we bring in our shopping bags and opt to donate the 5 cents credit, it goes into a fund that will be split between the Task Force for the Homeless and Sonoma County Regional Parks for this quarter.

Proudly tell your cashier that you’d like to donate your credit!

Whole Foods Sonoma County Locations:
Petaluma: 621 E. Washington St.
Sebastopol: 6910 McKinley St.
Santa Rosa: 390 Coddingtown Mall & 1181 Yulupa Ave.
Sonoma: 201 W. Napa St.

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Featured Article: Homelessness Costs Lives

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