The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless is the countywide nonprofit coalition of service providers, advocates, religious congregations, civic organizations, businesses, and individuals working to end homelessness and to assist people who have lost their homes.

The Task Force is a leadership resource, providing a forum for the participation of the whole community in ending homelessness.

NEW! Cold Weather Hotline (Catholic Charities): 707-800-2927. Available from November through March (11/3/14-3/31/15). Anyone can call 24/7, if they need relief from the cold weather, or see someone in need of relief. A staff member or a volunteer will respond either through the cold weather programs (offering emergency shelter or warming stations) or by offering comfort items such as warm drinks, blankets, clothes, etc. The person will be checked on throughout the night.

Cold Weather Conditions:

  • Temperatures below 38 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Freezing rain/sleet
  • Rain conditions such that an unsheltered person
    finds it difficult or impossible to remain dry
  • Severe wind warning

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