Homelessness Costs Lives

Banner2.9.6.16For 35 years the Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless has worked to end homelessness in our community. In the early days we sounded the alarm and strove with other pioneers in the field to educate and inform local residents, government agencies and community leaders. Today the Task Force continues to be a strong voice for the homeless through advocacy, program development, education and collaboration.

City of Santa Rosa Declares Homelessness a State of Emergency

H.U.T.S. are simple and light structures. Large enough for a bed, four storage totes and headroom to stand in. They are transitional shelter and humanitarian relief. Each H.U.T.S with a mattress only costs $600.00.

Help Us Build Ten #HUTS4SR

To reach the Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST), call
1-855-707-HOST (4678) 24 hrs/7 days a week
The street outreach team visits homeless people in encampments
to help with housing, health & wellness needs. Se habla español.