The 10 Best Restaurants & Hotels In Healdsburg 2023 – Luxury and Fine Dining

Being an experienced hotelier, my travels have led me to many captivating corners of the world. Yet, nestled within the wine country of California, the charming town of Healdsburg holds a special place in my heart.

This quaint and vivacious town has a vibrant gastronomy and lodging scene that could rival even the most cosmopolitan cities. As I reminisce about my last visit, savoring the unforgettable flavors of the region and the comfort of its lodgings, I’m compelled to share my experiences.

With an abundance of world-class restaurants and hotels, it’s a challenging task to distill the essence of Healdsburg’s hospitality. But here I am, ready to guide you through the 10 Best Restaurants & 10 Best Hotels in Healdsburg, crafted from my own experiences and meticulous research. Let’s embark on this culinary and comfort-filled journey.

Top Hotel Picks

1. Hotel Healdsburg

Nestled in the very heart of Healdsburg, the aptly named Hotel Healdsburg exudes an elegant, minimalist charm, striking a perfect balance between modernity and rustic appeal. From the moment you step into the lobby, the fresh, local artwork and floor-to-ceiling windows remind you of the beauty of Healdsburg.

The hotel’s rooms are bright, airy, and elegantly decorated, each one offering a breathtaking view of the town’s central plaza or the serene courtyard. The onsite restaurant, Dry Creek Kitchen, offers exquisite farm-to-table dishes, while the spa facilities guarantee a restful retreat.

  • Spacious rooms with impressive views
  • On-site gourmet dining at Dry Creek Kitchen
  • Full-service spa and a heated outdoor pool
  • Convenient location with easy access to local attractions

2. SingleThread Farm – Restaurant – Inn

A beacon of luxury in Sonoma County, SingleThread is a stunning boutique hotel and restaurant offering an unparalleled dining experience and a cozy stay. The property is the epitome of attention to detail, from the farm-fresh produce that graces your plate to the tastefully decorated rooms.

Every guest room is thoughtfully designed to incorporate elements of nature, complemented by modern amenities for a comfortable stay. The multi-course dining experience is a gastronomic delight, which is nothing short of a spectacle for food enthusiasts.

  • Each room features a unique design inspired by nature
  • Offers an acclaimed dining experience featuring locally sourced ingredients
  • Personalized services for a memorable stay

3. Harmon Guest House

Harmon Guest House is a chic, eco-friendly property that provides an urban oasis in Healdsburg. This sleek boutique hotel, named after Harmon Heald, the town’s founder, boasts sustainable design and modern amenities.

Every room is filled with natural light, sporting floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies with stunning views. The rooftop terrace, a unique feature of the Harmon Guest House, allows guests to soak in panoramic vistas of the surrounding wine country.

  • Contemporary rooms with private balconies
  • Rooftop lounge with panoramic views of the wine country
  • Environmentally conscious design and operations

4. h2hotel

h2hotel Hotel Healdsburg

Located just a block away from Healdsburg’s historic town plaza, h2hotel offers a modern and sustainable stay. With its eco-conscious design, the hotel blends seamlessly into the lush surroundings, providing a serene retreat.

The property features a ‘living roof’ of succulents, while the rooms exhibit bamboo flooring and locally crafted furniture. Spoonbar, the on-site restaurant, offers creative cocktails and locally sourced cuisine, adding to the hotel’s appeal.

  • ‘Living roof’ and bamboo flooring for an eco-friendly touch
  • On-site restaurant Spoonbar serves local cuisine and creative cocktails
  • Complimentary bikes for exploring the town

5. Duchamp Healdsburg

For those seeking an intimate boutique hotel experience, Duchamp Healdsburg is an excellent choice. The property comprises a collection of private cottages arranged around a central pool, offering a secluded and peaceful stay.

Each cottage offers luxurious amenities and individualized decor. The stunning outdoor pool, private patios, and landscaped gardens make Duchamp a unique offering among Healdsburg’s accommodations.

  • Private cottages for a secluded experience
  • The beautiful outdoor pool and private patios
  • Scenic gardens ideal for relaxation

6. The Raford Inn

The Raford Inn Hotel Healdsburg

Known for its Victorian charm, The Raford Inn provides a unique bed and breakfast experience. Set in a beautifully restored 1880s home, it offers a quaint and romantic stay combined with modern comforts.

Each room is individually decorated with antiques, featuring views of the vineyards. The wrap-around porch, gourmet breakfasts, and warm hospitality make it a preferred choice for travelers seeking a homely touch.

  • Historic Victorian charm with modern amenities
  • Individually decorated rooms with vineyard views
  • Home-cooked gourmet breakfasts

7. The Grape Leaf Inn

Another historic bed and breakfast, The Grape Leaf Inn, is a charming 19th-century Queen Anne Victorian. Tucked away on a quiet street, it offers tranquility while still being within walking distance of Healdsburg’s bustling center.

The inn features elegantly appointed rooms with antique furnishings. Adding to its allure, it has a secret wine cellar offering tastings of rare and vintage wines, making it an ideal choice for wine lovers.

  • Historic charm combined with modern comforts
  • Secret wine cellar with tastings of rare and vintage wines
  • Quiet location within walking distance of town center

8. Madrona Manor

Set in a magnificent 19th-century mansion on a hilltop, Madrona Manor offers a luxurious and romantic stay. Its beautifully landscaped gardens, vineyard views, and gourmet dining experience make it a destination in itself.

Each room is unique, filled with antiques, and offers stunning views. The property’s highlight is its Michelin-starred restaurant, which serves innovative cuisine, prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Historic mansion offering unique rooms with antique decor
  • Landscaped gardens and vineyard views
  • On-site Michelin-starred restaurant

9. Calderwood Inn

Calderwood Inn

A lovingly restored Craftsman-style home, Calderwood Inn offers a blend of historic elegance and modern comfort. It’s the perfect choice for travelers seeking cozy, bed-and-breakfast-style accommodation.

Each room is individually decorated, featuring warm colors, plush bedding, and antiques. The inn is known for its sumptuous homemade breakfasts and evening wine and cheese receptions, ensuring a delightful stay for its guests.

  • Beautifully restored Craftsman-style home
  • Individually decorated rooms with modern amenities
  • Home-cooked breakfasts and evening wine and cheese receptions

10. Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites

As the name suggests, Two Thirty-Five Luxury Suites offers high-end, suite-style accommodations in the heart of Healdsburg. The suites are ideal for travelers looking for the comforts of home combined with the luxury of a hotel stay.

Each suite is tastefully decorated and equipped with a full kitchen, living area, and luxurious bedrooms. Its central location allows easy access to Healdsburg’s top restaurants, wine-tasting rooms, and boutiques.

  • Luxury suites with home-like amenities
  • Central location with easy access to Healdsburg’s attractions
  • Ideal for long stays and families

Top Restaurant Picks

1. SingleThread Farm – Restaurant – Inn

Immerse yourself in a remarkable farm-to-table dining experience at SingleThread Farm, a restaurant that has already collected three Michelin stars within a few short years. Its intricate, multi-course tasting menus are a masterful blend of Japanese and Californian influences, each course a tribute to the seasons and local produce.

  • SingleThread’s intimate setting, with only 52 seats, ensures a personalized experience.
  • The restaurant boasts a stunning rooftop garden where many of its ingredients are grown.
  • Their wine pairing is top-notch, featuring local Sonoma wines and international selections.

2. Valette

Valette is an absolute delight for any foodie visiting Healdsburg. A homegrown venture by brothers Dustin Valette and Aaron Garzini, it perfectly reflects their love for the community and dedication to showcasing local farmers and winemakers.

  • Valette’s signature dish, ‘Day Boat Scallops en Croute’, is a must-try.
  • The restaurant’s rustic charm, paired with modern elegance, makes for a wonderful dining atmosphere.
  • With an extensive wine list, Valette is also a paradise for wine enthusiasts.

3. Mateo’s Cocina Latina

In the heart of Healdsburg, Mateo’s Cocina Latina offers a taste of Yucatan-inspired cuisine with a NorCal twist. Chef Mateo Granados’ personal story and passion for sustainable agriculture are evident in every plate served at this vibrant eatery.

  • Mateo’s menu rotates regularly, highlighting the freshest local, organic ingredients.
  • The outdoor garden patio is a perfect setting for a relaxing meal in the heart of Wine Country.
  • Don’t miss their inventive tequila and mezcal cocktails.

4. Barndiva

Another gem in the culinary crown of Healdsburg is Barndiva. This unique eatery is known for its artistic presentation, excellent service, and deliciously prepared farm-to-table fare.

  • Barndiva’s artistic setting is an experience in itself, with each dish presented as a work of art.
  • It’s perfect for both special occasions and casual dining with its versatile menus.
  • The cocktail list is unique and creative, offering a fantastic accompaniment to your meal.

5. Bravas Bar De Tapas

Bravas Bar De Tapas

Bringing Spanish flavor to Healdsburg, Bravas Bar De Tapas is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys tapas-style dining. It’s a vibrant, energetic eatery with a menu that seamlessly blends traditional Spanish dishes with modern culinary elements.

  • Bravas’ lively outdoor atmosphere, complete with a patio and bar, makes it a fun dining destination.
  • Their ‘Spanish Gin & Tonic’ is legendary among locals and visitors alike.
  • The tapas are designed for sharing, perfect for a group dining experience.

6. Dry Creek Kitchen

Dry Creek Kitchen, in the heart of Healdsburg, provides the perfect blend of Californian cooking and Sonoma County’s best wines. This Charlie Palmer restaurant is renowned for its commitment to local produce and impeccable service.

  • Dry Creek Kitchen has an impressive 500+ selection wine list.
  • The three-course ‘Sonoma Neighbor’ menu showcases the best of local ingredients.
  • It offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

7. Chalkboard

Chalkboard Healdsburg Restaurants

For a contemporary dining experience, Chalkboard is the place to be. This dynamic eatery is known for its ever-changing menu of small plates filled with seasonal ingredients, many sourced from its own three-acre garden.

  • Chalkboard’s dishes are perfect for sharing, allowing you to taste a variety of their offerings.
  • Its cozy, rustic interior offers a warm dining atmosphere.
  • The restaurant offers an excellent selection of wines, both local and international.

8. The Brass Rabbit

The Brass Rabbit Healdsburg

If you are looking for an eclectic mix of dishes inspired by global comfort foods, The Brass Rabbit is a must-visit. The restaurant serves everything from pasta to pot pie, all made from local, seasonal ingredients.

  • The Brass Rabbit’s cocktails are creative and perfectly balanced.
  • Their ‘Rabbit Pot Pie’ is a signature dish not to be missed.
  • The restaurant’s charming and intimate setting is perfect for a romantic night out.

9. Campo Fina


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Inspired by Italian traditions, Campo Fina offers patrons an authentic and relaxed dining experience. The menu consists of diverse small plates and pizzas, perfect for a laid-back, shared meal with friends or family.

  • Campo Fina features a delightful outdoor patio with a bocce ball court, adding to the relaxed ambiance.
  • The wood-fired pizzas are a crowd-pleaser, with a variety of unique topping combinations.
  • Their innovative cocktail list, featuring Italian classics and modern concoctions, is exceptional.

10. Spoonbar

Last but certainly not least, Spoonbar is renowned for its modern, farm-to-table approach to cooking. This trendy eatery features a menu that changes with the seasons, each dish a celebration of the bounty of Sonoma County.

  • Spoonbar’s fresh seafood dishes are remarkable and a highlight of their menu.
  • They’re also known for their extensive and innovative cocktail program.
  • The chic, modern design of the restaurant makes for a visually pleasing dining experience.

Final Words

In the heart of Sonoma County, Healdsburg serves as a beacon of hospitality, embodying the essence of northern California with its verdant vineyards, bountiful farmland, and warm, welcoming community.

Our journey through the best restaurants and hotels in this captivating town has offered a glimpse into the fusion of local culture, innovative gastronomy, and exceptional service that sets Healdsburg apart.

Whether you’re seeking the comfort of farm-to-table cuisine, the thrill of globally-inspired dishes, or a relaxing stay in charming, luxurious accommodations, Healdsburg has something for everyone. Each visit to this culinary and hospitality haven offers a unique, memorable experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

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