The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless, in collaboration with the Sonoma County Superior Court, Volunteer Center, Probation Department, Public Defender, District Attorney, Legal Aid in Sonoma and Marin counties, numerous agencies serving homeless people, and homeless people themselves, is initiating a new Sonoma County Homeless Court.  The Task Force has received a grant for this project from sonoma Wine Country Weekend administered by Community Foundation Sonoma County. Please see the Program Description, Flowchart, Frequently Asked Questions and Flyer for Agency Posting below for the purpose of the Homeless Court and details of the program.  Goals and Measurable Objectives are still being finalized and will be posted later.

Anyone who wishes to appear at the Homeless Court to address a citation must associate with and be referred by a service agency (shelter, day center, etc.).  Individuals must have enough history and interaction with the agency prior to the referral for the staff to be able to attest to their progress in reaching their personal life goals.  Programs that serve homeless people in Sonoma County and wish to refer one or more clients to the Homeless Court should download and read all of the materials below and submit a Referral Form for (and signed by) each client as instructed on the form itself.  Quarterly scheduled Homeless Court Dates and Referral/Application submission deadlines  are shown below.  Once a Referral/Application is submitted, eligible applicants will be assigned a court date on a first come, first served basis.  When the calendar for a particular date is full, further eligible applicants will be assigned to the next available date.

Court Scheduled Date                   Submission Deadline                   

April 13, 2017                                   March 23, 2017                                                        
July 13, 2017                                     June 22, 2017
October 12, 2017                            September 21, 2017

Download forms by clicking here:
Program Design
Frequently Asked Questions
Notice re Clients with Outstanding Warrants
Flyer for Agency Posting

Referral Forms for the Sonoma County Homeless Court may be obtained only by agencies serving local homeless people. Please e-mail Georgia Berland, Homeless Court Program Director, via the Task Force for the Homeless at for the form.

If you have a question after reviewing any of these materials, please contact Georgia Berland at or 707-431-7559 (10am – 5pm weekdays).

Check out an article (includes audio excerpts) about the new Sonoma County Homeless Court “A More Robust Homeless Court to Debut” on KRCB FM (click here) with Bruce Robinson, aired on April 8, 2016.

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