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Emergency Shelters & Services

For help finding housing, contact Coordinated Entry

Countywide (Santa Rosa location)
Coffee House Teen Shelter (Social Advocates for Youth): 546-3432. 24 Hrs 888-729-0012.  Shelter, food & counseling for runaway & homeless youth and families in crisis. Walk-ins accepted before 9pm at 1243 Ripley St. (map). Se habla español. Also see listings for Social Advocates for Youth below and in Health Care and Youth Services sections.

Cold Weather Response Line (Catholic Charities): 1-855-707-HOST (4678) 24 hrs / 7 days a week. Helps unsheltered people seeking relief from extreme weather (below 38 degrees, heavy rain, rain/sleet)Se habla español.

Family Support Center: New shelter applicants call: 1-866-542-5480 (M-F 9am-5pm). 465 A St. (map). Applicants already on the waiting list can call the Family Support Center at 542-5426. Se habla español. Also see listings for Catholic Charities & the Family Support Center in Day Centers, Employment & Training, Financial Assistance, Food and Transitional Housing. Se habla españ

Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST): 1-855-707-HOST (4678) 24 hrs / 7 days a week. Street outreach team screens homeless people in encampments for their housing, mental health & wellness needs. Se habla español.

Homeless Services Center (Catholic Charities): 525-0226. Drop-in center & shelter intake for single adults. Drop-in hours for Coordinated Entry: Mondays & Wednesdays: 8am-10am. Also provides assistance during extreme weather, motel vouchers (when available), showers, laundry, telephone, mail service, social service referrals. May provide blankets, sleeping bags & other necessities as available. M,T,W,F, 6am-11am; Th 6-11am, 1-5:30pm & Sat 12pm-5:30pm. 610 Wilson St.

Mobile Shower Trailer (Catholic Charities): 1-855-707-HOST (4678).  Call for current schedule & locations

Opportunity House (Community Support Network): 573-6955. For adults with mental illness. (Sonoma Co. Mental Health referral required). M-F 9am-4:30pm. Se habla español. Also see listings for Community Support Network in Alcohol & Drug Recovery, Counseling & Mental Health, Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing & Youth Services.

Redwood Gospel Mission: 542-4817.  Christian shelter for clean & sober men 18+. Photo ID required. Intake daily 2-8pm. Morning Devotion at 6am; Breakfast 6:30am. Evening Devotion 7pm; Dinner 7:30pm. 101 6th & Wilson Sts. (map).

Sloan House (Community Action Partnership Sonoma Co.): 569-0615. For single women & mothers with no more than two small children.. No boys over the age of 5. Se habla español. Also see listing for Community Action Partnership Sonoma in Financial Assistance section.

Social Advocates for Youth: Transitional Age Youth only (ages 18-24). Drop-in hours & location: Fridays 12 noon-4pm at the Dream Center, 2447 Summerfield Rd, SR.

The Rose Women’s & Children’s Shelter (Redwood Gospel Mission): 573-0490.  Christian shelter for clean & sober women & girls, boys 11 & under. Intake @ 3:30pm. 101 6th & Wilson Sts. (map). Se habla español.

YWCA Domestic Violence Safe House: 546-7115 / 24 hrs 546-1234. Therapeutic 8-week shelter for women & children at risk of violence who cannot remain at home. Se habla español. Japanese, Italian. Also see additional listings for YWCA in Counseling & Mental Health and Legal Services.

West County Community Svs / Homeless Services: 824-3398.

Winter Shelter (West County Community Svs): 823-1640. Seasonal shelter serving West County adults only. Open 5pm to 7am Dec 1-March 31 (sometimes through April). Intake from 5pm-7pm. At least one meal, floor mats and bedding provided as available. Shower facilities. Basic medical screenings 1x/week. Referrals to Russian River Health Center, 12 Step Recovery groups, employment, substance abuse, counseling  & other services. Veteran’s Hall, First & Church Sts. Se habla español. Also see Counseling & Mental Health, Financial Assistance, Senior and Youth Services.

Winter Shelter (Reach for Home): 433-6161.  Contact us for an appointment. Dec 1-March 31 (during weather below 38 degrees, heavy rain, rain/sleet) Intake from 5pm-7pm. At least one meal, floor mats & bedding provided as available. Shower facilities. Located at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. 209 Matheson St.

Kids First Family Shelter (COTS):  765-6530 x 300. Shelter for households with minor children. Call to get on waitlist; no drop-in hours. Offering case management, employment and housing search support, referrals to recovery programs, mental health supports, and other social services. Zero tolerance for substance use. 30 day program; with approved extensions, clients can stay up to 180 days. Se habla español.

Mary Isaak Center (COTS): 765-6530 x 112.  Shelter for single adults without children.Offering case management, employment and housing search support, referrals to recovery programs, mental health supports, and other social services. No drinking or substance use on campus. Shelter is run on a harm reduction model with sober bunks available. Recovery groups offered onsite.30 day program; with approved extensions, clients can stay up to 180 days. 900 Hopper St. (map). Se habla español.

The Haven (Sonoma Overnight Support): 939-6777. 
Shelter & food for men, women & families who are Sonoma Valley residents. Up to 4 months stay. No overnights. Access to showers, laundry facilities, bus passes, food, clothing, classes & case management for community members in need. Meals provided, plus food to go. Drop in: Sonoma Springs Community Hall, 18627 CA-12 Hwy: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm. Se habla español. Also see Day Centers and Food: Hot Meals.


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