Miracle Messages began in December 2014 when Kevin Adler, founder and CEO, took a walk down Market Street in San Francisco with warm tea, hot biscuits, and a simple question to his neighbors living on the streets: “Do you have any family or friends you’d like to record a message to for the holidays?”  

        Kevin started this journey in honor of his Uncle Mark, who lived on and off the streets for 30 years. He believes that everyone is someone’s somebody. So do we. They have been videotaping messages for dozens of homeless individuals who want to reconnect with family members. 90% of the messages that were sent have been received positively by the family member and 40% have resulted in reunions that led to stable housing.  

      Through collaboration with homeless service providers the volunteers record messages and the volunteer detectives hit the internet to track down family members. We are aware that many service providers and, on some occasions, law enforcement outreach have done this. Building a local chapter of Miracle Messages in Sonoma County would expand these valuable efforts. Remember 40% of their efforts resulted in permanent housing. Of no less importance is overcoming the isolation that the homeless experience.

        There are now twelve chapters of Miracle Messages in major cities worldwide. Half of those chapters are in the U.S. The other six are in the U.K., Canada and Australia. And soon there will be one in Sonoma County. The Task Force has enlisted eight volunteers to help get the ball rolling. Although volunteers record the videos and do the online detective work, collaboration and cooperation with local service providers play a large part in the program’s success.

        The Task Force feels fortunate to have so many strong relationships in the community to help this program thrive. Contact Heidi at heidi.taskforce@gmail.com for more information.