Executive Director Job Description, Skills, Experience and Qualities

Job Summary: This is an Executive Director position. The Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless (Task Force) is the countywide nonprofit coalition working since 1981 to end local homelessness and assist those who have lost their homes. It acts as a convener and leadership resource to bring together business, religious congregations, community organizations, public and private services, and housed and homeless individuals to identify and pursue solutions. Please see the Task Force Program Update for descriptions of our programs. Staff is expected to include a .5FTE Operations Manager and a contracted part-time Program Director to oversee the development of two new Programs. The Task Force also employs volunteers and as available, a .5 FTE Program Assistant paid through the Experience Works program.


  1. Building and sustaining positive relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities, circumstances, income levels, interests and opinions
  2. Excellent public speaking and writing abilities, including clarifying complex issues and motivating people to action
  3. Convening and facilitating meetings
  4. Catalyzing collaborative community change and developing programs, and services to address a common vision.
  5. Fundraising – knowledge and skills in a wide range of approaches.
  6. Evaluation: Setting, achieving, and measuring process and outcome goals and specific measurable objectives.
  7. Financial Oversight – interpreting and using financial reports


  1. At least five years of experience in management – at least two in nonprofits –with substantial decision-making authority and supervision of at least one other person.
  2. At least two years of experience in catalyzing community change through collaboration and community organizing/development.
  3. At least two years of successful fundraising, raising at least $100,000, preferably including grant-writing, event production, sponsorships, written and direct donor solicitation, and planned giving (bequests, wills, trusts).
  4. Experience in both Housing and Human Services is preferred, though one of these is acceptable.
  5. At least two years of experience in collaborative program design and development is preferred.
  6. Experience working under a Board of Directors or Commission is preferred.
  7. Newsletter or magazine editing experience is preferred.
  8. Knowledge of Homelessness and Housing Issues, and experience working at a countywide level or across jurisdictions are desirable.
  9. Experience helping people in poverty and/or with disabilities to regain stability is desirable.

 Personal Qualities:

  1. A collaborative, inclusive non-adversarial approach to community change.
  2. Compassion and respect for homeless people and a passion for ending homelessness.
  3. A belief that ending homelessness is possible and is necessary for a healthy community.
  4. A desire to help lead our community toward safe, secure, affordable housing opportunities for all.
  5. Comfortable interacting and working toward common goals with people who are homeless as well as business and community leaders and elected officials.
  6. An interdisciplinary, inclusive, integrative, approach
  7. Desire and ability to help people find and build on common ground
  8. Building solutions that encompass, open and connect different interests and points of view.
  9. Vision, and a positive, caring, energetic attitude


  1. Participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors and assist the Board and Membership in coordinating its work. This includes meeting with or providing information to committees as needed, and acting as staff to the Executive Committee.
  2. Oversee and support Task Force operations, including hiring and supervising paid or unpaid Task Force workers; overseeing contracts with Task Force consultants and contract workers; making bank deposits; supervising and supporting the Operations Manager to manage the office, expenditures, records, and files; and assuring that appropriate financial information is supplied to the corporate Treasurer and Bookkeeper/CPA.
  3. Oversee maintenance of the Task Force database.
  4. Produce agendas, materials and notices for Task Force General Meetings and such special meetings as may be required.
  5. Represent the Task Force at related bodies as needed, including the Sonoma County Continuum of Care and others.
  6. Work with the Task Force Board of Directors in fundraising, providing information, support, and advice; and produce at least one direct donor solicitation each year. Oversee development of materials and support for membership expansion and services; and assist in producing the Task Force annual fundraising event, October in Paradise.
  7. Oversee production of the Task Force newsletter on a schedule approved by the Board, as well as reports and/or such other information and educational material as may be required.
  8. Edit and oversee the ongoing development and maintenance of the Task Force web site, http://www.sonomacountyhomeless.org.
  9. Advise the Task Force on policies, legislation, funds, housing opportunities and other issues related to ending homelessness and/or serving homeless people, and work with the Board and other volunteers to assure representation of the Task Force in advocating positions approved by the Task Force Board of Directors.   Represent the Task Force as needed at the Board of Supervisors, city councils, and board and commission hearings and meetings.
  10. Support and participate in Task Force community education efforts, including planning strategies, gathering and analyzing information, writing and editing material for electronic and print publications, and public speaking and media appearances as needed.
  11. Develop, coordinate and assist in implementing and monitoring collaborative interagency projects regarding homelessness, as appropriate within the time allocated in this agreement and any relevant addenda.
  12. Provide additional services as agreed between the parties.


The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. This is a full time position paid monthly. S/he shall provide a monthly time sheet and appropriate receipts to be reimbursed for Board-approved work-related expenses. The starting salary range for the position is $45,000-$55,000/year. Sick leave and vacation are based on Task Force Personnel Policies.

Please send your resume and cover letter to gberland@aol.com

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2016