Community Education

The Task Force For the Homeless provides information to our community on the causes and realities of homelessness in Sonoma County, and helps people finds ways to participate in effective solutions.

Speakers: The Task Force provides speakers for schools, service organizations, and other community groups. If your organization would like someone to speak about homelessness, please contact the Task Force office at 575-4494, or

Articles: Task Force members write opinion pieces, letters, make personal appearances, and offer data to local media regarding homelessness and local efforts to end it.

Reporter Newsletter: We encourage anyone interested in homelessness, from any point of view, to submit articles, letters to the editor, or personal stories for the Dialogue section of our quarterly Reporter newsletter. Please see our Editorial Guidelines for information on how to submit material.

Email Bulletins: The Task Force supplements its newsletter and website with occasional email bulletins.  To request a copy, click here.

Website:  This site offers comprehensive information and linkages regarding the Task Force’s work on Sonoma County homelessness as well as in a national context.  We invite your ideas and suggestions.

To get involved in assuring that people understand the causes of and solutions to local homelessness, please contact the Task Force office at 575-4494 or