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Reporter Editorial Guidelines:
News, personal stories, constructive critique, photos, graphics, ideas, and suggestions are warmly invited, as is information of interest to those concerned about homelessness in Sonoma County. Publication of any article will be finally determined by the Editor and is not promised. Articles  are edited for length, grammar, accuracy and clarity, and may be held for a later issue.  Submissions must be 500 words or less, and sent via e-mail to sctfhmls@pacbell.net, mailed to the Task Force for the Homeless at 3315 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa 95403, or faxed to 575-4494.  Submissions must include the full name of the author or artist. Typed or legible handwritten articles will be accepted from authors who do not have computer access, but must be received at least one week prior to the deadline.

Sonoma County Task Force
 For The Homeless
3315 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone or Fax: (707) 575-4494
Email: sctfhmls@pacbell.net